Client Service

Client Service – General information

You can contact our client service by telephone, mail, e-mail, fax or in person.

Once contacted, we give information concerning research procedures and opportunities, the contacts of other institutions to be potentially approached, the conditions of carrying out research in other archives and public collections, our administrative procedures, the data to be supplied for the procurement of the requested document and the documents required for the verification of your authorisation.

Personally you can contact us at the following address:
Teve Street 3–5. 1139 Budapest, Hungary

Phone: +36-1-298-7501; 7502
Fax: +36-1-298-75-55
Postal Address: Teve Street 3–5, H-1139 Budapest
P. O. Box: 1554 Budapest, Pf. 41.
Opening Hours: Mo.: 13.00 - 16.00; Wed.: 9.00 - 16.00; Fr.: 9.00 - 13.00

If contacted by e-mail, we provide general information and orientation but no personal data or document containing personal or protected data, since the practice of e-signature is not yet quite widespread in Hungary and for the procurement of such documents the applicant’s authorization must be verified.

The most common types of cases in our practice 

  • Term of study certification

Certification of time spent at school for the calculation of the individual’s pension. Certificate of kindergarten or primary school teaching qualifications for golden diplomas (commemorating 50 years of service).  The archives keep so-called student registry sheets that certify the term spent at school and the fact, date and result of passing the trainee exam. We also keep the exam protocols of skilled worker trainee exams, which only certify the fact that one had taken the exam.

Term of study certification request form

Please note that we only keep the documentation of schools that (have) functioned in Budapest. For schools that still function today we advise that you start your enquiries there. For schools outside Budapest, contact the local county archive.

  • Term of service certification

Certification of time spent in service for the calculation of pension if the applicant hasn’t got the required certification documents and the given employer’s certifying documents are kept in our archives. If these have not been handed over to us, our colleagues can give information on the successor (or liquidator) of the employer, required to provide safekeeping for the documentation not to be discarded.

Please note that it is advisable to start the certification procedure by contacting your local regional pension directorate (if you live in Budapest, it is that will in most cases already have your data required for the certification of service and thus it is not your responsibility to get them.

Term of service certification request form

  • Documents generated by civil law notaries

Please note that we can only hand over documents generated by civil law notaries in accordance with Act CXII of 2011 on the freedom of information and Act LVI of 1995 on public documents, public archives and the protection of material kept in private archives. Thus you are only authorised to get these documents if they specify you as inheritor or you are successor or nearest of kin of the deceased or any of his/her successors and you have the required documents (birth registry sheet, ID document) to prove it (certifying authorisation).

For your information: Our archives only keeps the documentation of inheritance cases initiated earlier than 31 December 1984, for later cases please contact the Civil Law Notary Document Office of the Municipal Court of Budapest, Markó street 27, 1055 Budapest.

Request form for the research of documents generated by civil law notaries

The legal provisions quoted below came into effect as of 1 June 2009.

Fees and revenues due as per Act XCIII of 1990


Act LXVI of 1995 on Public documents, public archives and the protection of documents kept in private archives

24. § (1) In lack of other legal provision, archival material containing personal data becomes researchable by anyone after 30 years following the death of the deceased. If the time of death is unknown, the term of protection is 90 years from the date of birth of the deceased, while if neither the date of birth nor the date of death is known, it is 60 years dating from the archivisation of the material

(2) Material specified under (1) is researchable earlier than the protection term expires if

a) research can be carried out using anonymised copies – created at the expense of the applicant – or

b) the person concerned or following his/her death any of his/her successors or nearest of kin has agreed to the research at the researcher’s request, or

c) The research is justified by academic interest, providing that the 15 years specified under (1) of § 22 and the researcher meets the criteria set in (3) and (4).

(3) The public archives is obliged to permit academic research if the researcher encloses a statement of support issued by an organ performing public duty and carrying out research on a regular basis, issued on the researcher’s presenting a detailed research plan.

(4) The researcher is to sign a written statement of using and handling personal data collected throughout the research in accordance with the provisions of § 32 of the pertaining provision and specifies the location of data handling in the same statement.

(5) When issuing a statement of agreement as specified in b) (2) above, a written statement must be issued concerning the acceptance of the researcher’s using personal data to serve the purposes of the research and the copiability of the documents containing personal data

  1. Non-anonymised copies containing personal data and revealed during academic research as specified in c) (2) above, can be made by the researcher before the expiry of the term of protection specified in (1) above
  • Land registry documents
  1. Building lot protocols and title deeds for Buda, 1871-1921
  2. Building lot protocols and title deeds for Óbuda, 1875-1921
  3. Title deeds for Pest, 1878-1926 and their indexes
  4. Title deeds for Újpest (1883-1950) and Rákospalota (1885-1934)
  5. Title deeds for the left bank and right bank of the Danube and peripheral districts kept from the 1920s to 1972/73 and their indexes as well as the drafts for title deed sheets created when editing the property registry
  6. the basic cadastral documents of transferred deeds for 1961-1972 and their indexes
  7. paper-based title deeds kept from 1973 on

Title deeds handed over to the archives are closed, no new information is entered on them. Documents certifying current property status must be applied for at your local land registry.
Digital copies of paper-based title deeds closed and handed over to the archives can be requested at the Cadastre Office – except for Districts V and XIV – thus for the certification of property status after 1973 it is still the local registry offices that must be contacted.
Please note that the basic cadastral documentation of title deeds from before 1961 are to be found neither at the Budapest City Archives nor at local cadastre offices.
Basic documentation from after 1973, however, are still kept by local cadastre offices.
Founding documents of housing communities are also kept by local cadastre offices.