Within The Written Visegrad Heritage – Protection for the Future project, the partners undertook the task of producing two deliverables.

One of them is a 5-language paper and photo conservation and restoration dictionary. It will help the cultural institutions of the Visegrad countries understand each other and follow each other’s professional developments. Besides the native languages – Czech, Hungarian, Polish, and Slovakian - of the project partners, English is the fifth language that can also advance better communication and foster further cooperation among the institutions of the Region.

The other deliverable, the Emergency Protocol Guidelines, aims to help cultural institutions in the Visegrad countries draw up their institutional Emergency Protocols. In the Manual, the institutions can find not only a concise description of general ideas,  but also recommendations based on Case studies that could be adapted to their own institutions according to their needs, possibilities, and resources.

The Case studies, which have been provided by the partners, describe emergencies the participants and their institutions witnessed. After analysing them, the author offers The studies have been analysed by the author, and By reading the studies, the conclusions drawn from them, and the advice offered by the author, the readers can learn from the direct experience of the project members.

They can also provide scenarios for tabletop exercises and simulations.

Acknowledgment for the help in compiling the Dictionary :

Mónika Beri (BCA), Veronika Hrabovská (SNK), Kateřina Kocová (NLCR), Dana Novotná (NLCR), Katalin Sallai (BCA), Mónika Szabó (BCA), Klára Tóbi (BCA) and Zsófia Edit Hajdu