Inheritance cases


The database of inheritance cases (and other cases not requiring litigation) has mainly been built on the basis of the document pools of inheritance cases run by civil law notaries or courts in the capital (eg. the Royal Court of Justice of Budapest), but it also includes descriptions of non-litigational procedures run by them. The inheritance cases between 1872 and 1956 have survived in a fragmentary state and have been recorded, more so from the period between the two world wars and that following 1945. The capital’s jurisdiction has been determined on the basis of the deceased’s last domicile, so the property’s extensive location could also affect rural settlements.

The records include the type of the case, and the legators’ (the deceased, and in other cases, the applicants and other interested parties) personal data; the date of death in the case of an inheritance trial, with an indication of certain important document types (will, fatality records, bequest inventories). 73,000 records can be found in the database which represents roughly 100,000 customers’ personal data through non-litigational procedures and inheritance trials.

The database can be accessed through the Hungarian Cultural Heritage Portal.

The cases can be consulted on the basis of their reference code (eg. HU BFL – VII.1.d – 1909 – III.0515) in the archival research room. We have to note that the public records of this database don’t always mean unlimited access: to view the cases started after 1954 and the inheritance trials arising after 1924 concerning minors, it may be required the acquisition of a supporting resolution. About the archival materials affected by the construction of the database you can find detailed information in this table:

Archival referenceFond/subgroupTime period of the materials held in the databaseTime period of the materials available in digitalized version
VII.1.d.Documents of the Royal Court of Appeal of Budapest. Judicial Documents1891-1915 
VII.2.c.Documents of the Royal Court of Budapest. Civil  Lawsuit Documents1872-1918 1872-1914
VII.3.b.Documents of the Royal Court of Exchange in the First Instance of Pest. Judicial Documents1842-1863 
VII.4.Documents of the Royal Commercial Court of Budapest1873, 1889 
VII.6.a.Documents of the Royal I-III District Court of Budapest. Civil Lawsuit and Out-of-court Documents1933-1949 
VII.7.c.Documents of the Royal IV District Court of Budapest. Documents of inheritance cases1904-1912 
VII.8.c.Documents of the Royal V District Court of Budapest. Documents of inheritance and enforcement cases1899-1910 
VII.9.c.Documents of the Royal VI District Court of Budapest. Documents of inheritance cases1902-1909 
VII.10.c.Documents of the Royal VII District Court of Budapest. Documents of inheritance cases1898-1909 
VII.11.c.Documents of the Royal VIII-X District Court of Budapest. Documents of inheritance cases1898-1913 
VII.12.b.Documents of the Royal Central District Court of Budapest. Civil Lawsuit and Out-of-court Documents1914-1950 
VII.19.Documents of the District Court of Újpest1948-1950 
VII.21.Documents of the District Court of Kispest1947-1950 
VII.155.Documents of Rónay, Tibor, notary1942-1949 
VII.156.Documents of Kaprinay, Endre, notary1935-1950 
VII.158.Documents of Fodor, Antal, notary1938-1946 
VII.160.Documents of Fekete, László, notary1943-1949 
VII.163.Documents of Lénárt, Dezső, notary1939-1948 
VII.164.Documents of Sárközi, Sándor, notary1934-1940 
VII.166.Documents of Szilléry, Péter, notary1948 
VII.167.Documents of Haviár, Gyula, notary1943-1945 
VII.171.Documents of Hedry, Aladár, notary1911-1947 
VII.172.Documents of Cholnoky, Imre, notary1931-1947 
VII.177.Documents of Hajós, Béla Ödön, notary1918-1925 
VII.178.Documents of Barcs, Béla, notary1919-1939 
VII.179.Documents of Lázár, Ferenc, notary1927-1949 
VII.180.Documents of Barcs, Ernő, notary1926-1952 
VII.182.Documents of Somogyi, Béla, notary1946-1949 
VII.187.Documents of Holitscher, Szigfrid, notary1939-1946 
VII.189.Documents of Králik, Árpád, notary1937 
VII.190.Documents of Meixner, László, notary1939-1955 
VII.191.Documents of Antalffy-Zsiros, Aladár, notary1942-1950 
VII.195.Documents of Joannovits, Jenő, notary1939-1946 
VII.196.Documents of Richter, Richárd, notary1931-1947 
VII.197.Documents of Horváth, Kamilló, notary1938-1949 
VII.198.Documents of Lukács, Izsó, notary1944 
VII.199.Documents of Szemerjay Petrán, Tibor, notary1940-1950 
VII.206.Documents of Petró, Béla, notary1937-1950 
VII.207.Documents of Haller, Károly, notary1928-1950 
VII.208.Documents of Tóth (Tóthfaludy), Aladár, notary1933, 1939 
VII.209.Documents of Krenner, Zoltán, notary1942-1950 
VII.215.Documents of Markó, István, notary1930-1950 
VII.217.Documents of Kiss, József, notary1933 
VII.219.Documents of Teőke, Béla, notary1929-1947 
VII.220.Documents of Matheovits, Ferenc, notary1940-1949 
VII.226.Documents of Bathó, Kálmán, notary1937-1950 
VII.229.Documents of Keszthelyi, Zoltán, notary1945-1952 
VII.233.Documents of Hajdú, János, notary1947-1953 
VII.234.Documents of Hedry, László, notary1947-1956 
VII.236.Documents of Füredy, Jenő, notary1948-1952 
VII.240.Documents of Feri, Sándor, notary1944-1950 
VII.242.Documents of Kozányi, Pál, notary1942-1950 
VII.243.Documents of Tóth, Endre, notary1945-1949 
VII.246.Documents of Kiss, Dezső, notary1946-1953 
VII.247.Documents of Werner Elemér, notary1946-1949 
VII.250.Documents of Tímár Miklós, notary1947-1951 
VII.258.Documents of Horváth, István, notary1945-1949 
VII.262.Documents of Némethy, Vilmos, notary1944-1945 
VII.264.Documents of Susich, Ervin, notary1939-1948 
VII.267.Documents of Török, Béla, notary1947-1952 
VII.268.Documents of Konkoly Thege, Sándor, notary1942-1943 
VII.270.Documents of Kovácsy, Zoltán, notary1937-1946 
VII.271.Documents of Klein, Andor, notary1945-1950 
VII.278.Documents of Morvay, Zsigmond, notary1933-1949 
VII.279.Documents of Tárczay, Rezső, notary1939-1948 
VII.280.Documents of Varga, Béla, notary1939-1949 
XXV.151.Documents of Selmeczy, István, notary1947-1955 
XXV.152.Documents of Vuits, András, notary1952-1956 
XXV.153.Documents of Hegyháti, István, notary1950-1956 
XXV.154.Documents of Bessenyei, Tibor, notary1951-1953 
XXV.155.Documents of Róna, Pál, notary1950-1956 
XXV.156.Documents of Török, Pál, notary1952-1955 
XXV.157.Documents of Záhony, László, notary1950-1953 
XXV.158.Documents of Jékey, István, notary1950-1956 
XXV.159.Documents of Décsi, Lajos, notary1944-1954 
XXV.160.Documents of Rosta, Imre, notary1951-1954 
XXV.161.Documents of Lelkes, József, notary1954-1956 
XXV.162.Documents of Sághy, Imre, notary1954-1956 
XXV.163.Documents of Vajda, Sándor, notary1950-1956 
XXV.164.Documents of Beleznai, László, notary1950-1953 
XXV.165.Documents of Gerlai, Károly, notary1948-1954 
XXV.166.Documents of Draskovics, Jenő, notary1952-1955 
XXV.170.Documents of Hollós, Olivér, notary1951-1956 
XXV.171.Documents of Káli Nagy, Elemér, notary1954-1955 
XXV.172.Documents of Bárány, Aladár, notary1951-1954 
XXV.173.Documents of Fertőfehéregyházi, László, notary1951-1952 
XXV.174.Documents of Nemes, Móric István, notary1950 
XXV.175.Documents of Jelinek, Győző, notary1950-1955 
XXV.176.Documents of Pap, Ádám, notary1951-1956 
XXV.177.Documents of Wágner, György, notary1954-1956 
XXV.178.Documents of Quirico, Pál, notary1955-1956 
XXV.179.Documents of Dékány, Imre, notary1955-1956 
XXV.180.Documents of Jékelfalussy, Aladár, notary1926-1952 
XXV.181.Documents of Frankl, Imre, notary1950-1954 
XXV.182.Documents of Porázik, Tibor, notary1954-1956 
XXV.183.Documents of Günther, Ferenc, notary1950 
XXV.184.Documents of Frank Kiss, Jenő, notary1954-1956 
XXV.185.Documents of Katona, József, notary1955 
XXV.186.Documents of Molnár, Dezső, notary1950-1954 
XXV.187.Documents of Vargyas, Antal, notary1949-1956 
XXV.188.Documents of Erdődy, Jenő, notary1951-1953 
XXV.189.Documents of Klein, Imre, notary1951-1955 
XXV.190.Documents of Balogh, János, notary1953-1954 
XXV.192.Documents of Polónyi, Jenő, notary1953-1955