Notarial deeds


The notarial deeds database processes series of deeds from private and state notaries in Budapest, extending from the establishment of the institution of notary (from 1875) till 1956. This is the largest, almost completely intact, and at the same time – because of the political and economic weight of the capital – the most important ensemble of notarial documents. At that time, the most varied civil law transactions could be recorded in deeds: these included, most importantly, sale and purchase, gift giving, cession, inheritance, marriage contract, adoption, testamentary arrangements, etc. The recording of the data from 1875 to 1914 will soon be finished, moreover, in the case of some notaries the process is in a stage covering the post-1945 period. Most of the database has digitized materials attached, which are freely accessible online to the general public. Use of the notarial institution had no territorial jurisdiction, therefore, many (in 10-15% of the cases) rural or foreign clients asked for the services of notaries in the capital.

The details of the parties making the transactions are featured in the records, as well as those of associated persons (lawyers). Since regular scrapping of these documents have been implemented only on the parts preceding World War I (concerning signature-verification protocols) and document decay has rarely happened, and because of the fact that certain documents and protocols were almost always recorded the customer’s status (occupation) and place of residence, this personal database is extremely rich. In many cases, we can identify and track whole series of legal transactions of some families and people. 430,000 documents can be found in the database which represents roughly one million customers.

The whole database with digitized pictures can be accessed through the Hungarian Cultural Heritage Portal

The cases that are not searchable here can be consulted on the basis of their reference code (eg. HU BFL – VII.221 – 1899 – 0228) in the archival research room. It is worth highlighting the fast pace of the growth affecting both the data and the images, therefore, it would be advisable to return to these websites regularly. About the archival materials affected by the construction of the database and the digitization process you can find detailed information in this table:

Archival referenceFond/SubgroupTime period of the materials held in the databaseTime period of the materials available in digitalized version
VII.151.Documents of Rupp, Zsigmond, notary1875-19181875-1918 (full)
VII.152.Documents of Zimány, Alajos, notary1875-19091875-1909 (full)
VII.153.Documents of Rónay, Károly, notary1898-19291898-1929 (full)
VII.154.Documents of Sümeghi, László, notary1918 
VII.157.Documents of Báthor, Gábor, notary1909-1918 
VII.160.Documents of Fekete, László, notary1926-1950 
VII.161.Documents of Deszkáss, Gusztáv, notary1898-1913 
VII.162.Documents of Stern, József, notary1913-1928 
VII.168.Documents of Görgei, István, notary1875-19111875-1911 (full)
VII.169.Documents of Máday, Sándor, notary1875-1878 
VII.170.Documents of Jeszenszky, Danó, notary1879-1900 
VII.171.Documents of Hedry, Aladár, notary1911-1912 
VII.173.Documents of Gászner, Béla, notary1875-1910 
VII.174.Documents of Gorove Antal, notary1875-18811875-1881 (full)
VII.175.Documents of Steinbach, István, notary1875-1897 
VII.176.Documents of Stamberger, Ferenc, notary1896-19081896
VII.177.Documents of Hajós, Béla, notary1918 
VII.178.Documents of Barcs, Béla, notary1918 
VII.179.Documents of Lázár, Ferenc, notary1944 
VII.180.Documents of Barcs, Ernő, notary1944 
VII.182.Documents of Somogyi, Béla, notary1944 
VII.183.Documents of Tokaji, Nagy Lajos, notary1875-1900 
VII.184.Documents of Weinmann, Fülöp, notary1875-19121875-1912 (full)
VII.185.Documents of Weiser, Károly, notary1875-18951875-1895 (full)
VII.186.Schilling Rudolf közjegyző iratai1895-1913 
VII.187.Holitscher Szigfrid közjegyző iratai1912-1920, 1944 
VII.188.Documents of Róth, Zsigmond, notary1912-1918 
VII.190.Documents of Meixner, László, notary1940-1941, 1944, 1946, 1948-1950 
VII.192.Documents of Rhorer, Géza, notary1896-1926 
VII.193Documents of Charmant, Oszkár, notary1900-19261900-1926 (full)
VII.194.Documents of Nádossy, Gábor, notary1918 
VII.195.Documents of Joannovits, Jenő, notary1944 
VII.196.Documents of Richter, Richárd, notary1944 
VII.198.Documents of Lukács, Izsó, notary1944 
VII.199.Documents of Szemerjai-Petrán. Tibor, notary1944 
VII.200.Documents of Ökröss, Bálint, notary1875-18891875-1889 (full)
VII.201.Documents of Zarka, Dénes, notary1889-18961889-1896 (full)
VII.202.Documents of Kormos, Béla, notary1896-19021896-1902 (full)
VII.203.Documents of Cottely, Géza, notary1896-1926 
VII.204.Documents of Szabó, Albert, notary1902-1924 
VII.205.Documents of Kőrössy, Bertalan, notary1944 
VII.209.Documents of Krenner, Zoltán, notary1944 
VII.210.Documents of Krajner, Emil, notary1875-1878 
VII.211.Documents of Mannheimer, Ignác, notary1879-18961879-1896 (full)
VII.212.Documents of Grubiczy, László, notary1882-18841882-1884 (full)
VII.213.Documents of Kiss, Aladár, notary 1885-1914 
VII.216.Documents of Jeszenszky, István, notary1897-1925 
VII.217.Documents of Kiss, József, notary1900-1939 
VII.218.Documents of Kálmán, Antal, notary1913-1915 
VII.221.Documents of Plihál, Viktor, notary1897-1902 
VII.224.Documents of Velsz, Emil, notary1900-1902 
VII.246.Documents of Kiss, Dezső, notary1946-1947 
VII.268.Documents of Band, Lajos, notary1918-1930 
VII.269Documents of Konkoly-Thege, Sándor, notary1939-1944 
VII.278.Documents of Morvay, Zsigmond, notary1944 
VII.279.Documents of Tárczay, Rezső, notary1944 
VII.284.Notary deposits1882-1973