Registers of names, HR files


Burghers of Buda and Pest, 1686-1848. The Office Holders of the Market Town of Óbuda till 1873. Voter Registration Rolls. Company HR files (Csepel Works).

Burghers of Buda and Pest, 1648-1848. The records of this database give the data of new burghers admitted in the given period. Apart from the names of 8893 heads of families in Pest and 7646 in Buda the records provide the profession as stated at attaining citizenship and its unified term today, the place of provenance then and now with its geographical specifications (country, county), family status, religion, the date of attaining citizenship and the amount of money paid in exchange. The field ’Notes’ includes any other data referring to the person’s social status, background or rank given at the time or revealed at a later point. These data are available on the Hungaricana Cultural Heritage Portal.

The Office Holders of the Market Town of Óbuda till 1873. This database includes the names, name versions, places of birth, date of birth and death and – if it could be revealed from the matriculae – religion, profession, rank, post and time period spent in office of all office holding citizens of Óbuda. These data make it possible to create a chronological list of persons filling a given position and to trace the individual careers of about 1400 citizens of Óbuda. One can access to the said data on the Hungaricana Cultural Heritage Portal.

Voter Registration Rolls. No regularly kept registration of the population remained from the interwar period and the era succeeded the World War II. The contemporary register of addresses perished. The data of the censuses were destroyed after the processing. Only the statistics resulted by the census focused on the housing of 1941 and March 1945 remained. Aside from these only the voter registration rolls are relatively comprehensive nominal sources. The constantly enlarging database includes currently the data of the voters resided in the district I in 1945: their names, places and dates of birth, professions and addresses. The data are available on the Hungaricana Cultural Heritage Portal.

The data of the persons listed as voters for the addresses of Király Street, District 6 and 7 of Budapest from the period 1935-1954 can be found in the register of the Archives.

The database of the Company HR files is being built processing the HR documentation of the staff of the Csepel Works (Csepel Művek) and the HR files of the officers employed in the said metal-works. These documents were created between 1906 and 1956. The personal identification data provide indirect access to highly valuable documents such as school certificates, professional CV-s, health status certificates, work documents, in cases even photos and private letters. They have been formed into about 5,000 records (the files deposited in alphabetical order are progressively being processed, work has got to H at present).

The data are available only in the register of the Archives. The HR files can be ordered by their archival reference numbers (e.g. HU_BFL_XXIX_2001_Horeni Angela).