Thematic document collections


Thematic databases which can be found in different document assemblies, repositories: associations of Budapest, sources related to the history of medieval Budapest

Associations of Budapest. The articles of association and association registry of the Residence-Capital was destroyed during the 1945 siege of the capital, so the archive contains only the articles of associations from 1945 to 1950, and the articles of associations of the towns and villages that were annexed by Budapest in 1950. The majority of information on the associations can be located in the different administrative assemblies of the capital, the districts, the – until 1950 – independent boundary towns and villages; they can be explored only with long, arduous work. The aim was to compile a complete list of the relevant associations and to lead the visitors to the archive’s other fonds that relate to these associations. At first, we fully processed the various surviving records of the association registries (which only partially remedied the articles of association destroyed in 1945), and we added to them the data found in ‘Associations of Budapest’ by Sándor Dubrovits (Statistical Office of the Residence-Capital, Budapest, 1936). In the guild-related matters lingering in administrative documents are currently located the documents of the Central Archive of the Council Departments of the Residence-Capital from 1873 to 1875, and the association matters in the Political documents. The database is made by the ’one association equals one record’ principle. Individual associations are given a relevant reference code. About the archival materials affected by the construction of the database you can find detailed information in this table:

Archival referenceFond/SeriesTime period of the materials located in the database
IV.1407.bDocuments of the Council of the Residence-Capital. Central archive of Council departments1873–1875
IV.1409.kDocuments of the Mayor of the Residence-Capital. Association registries and documents, 1945–1954complete
IV.1427Archival collection of the Articles of Association in the towns and villages annexed by Budapest according to the 1949 XXVI Article, 1878–1949complete
IV.1429Archival Collection of the Articles of Association of the Residence-Capital, 1945–1952complete
IV.1471.eAssociation and Business Registry of the IInd District Magistrate of the Residence-Capital. Volume 12–14, Association Registry, 1928–1949complete
IV.1473.aGeneral documents of the IVth District Magistrate of the Residence-Capital, boxes 475–485,
5631/1–680 administrative number, guild liquidation records of the capital.
IV.1473.bAssociation, Industrial and Prentice Registry of the IVth District Magistrate of the Residence-Capital. Volume 63–64, Association Registry, 1935–1949complete
IV.1474.cAssociation and Industrial Registry of the Vth District Magistrate of the Residence-Capital, Volume 50, Association Registry, 1926–1948complete
IV.1475.fAssociation Registry of the IVth District Magistrate of the Residence-Capital, 1911–1943, boxes 1–4complete
IV.1476.bAssociation, Industrial and Labor Registry of the VIIth District Magistrate of the Residence-Capital, Volume 83–84, Association Registry, 1936–1949complete
IV.1502Documents of the Extramural Public Education Committee of the Residence-Capital, box 190.
Data reports of cultural associations in the capital
IV.1428Archive of political documents, boxes 32-40 and 56-66. Documents of councils, afterwards the mayor’s IXth department and the district magistrates, 1878–1947complete

The database can be accessed through the Hungarian Archival Portal (it is not included in the joint search).

Charters related to the history of medieval Budapest. This database is still under construction, and includes the data of over 4000 charters from before 1526 (not kept at the Budapest City Archives); the most complete section of the collection is the documents dating from the time of the Árpád dynasty. Since the goal was to create a collection as complete as possible, it includes charters and diplomas that contain only references to Budapest with their locality. The basic data of the charters are searchable: reference codes now and earlier, time of creation, issued by, statement of authenticity, form of preservation. The data of the publication of the charters are also given, and in certain cases there are notes concerning the authenticity and interpretation, short content extracts and a specification of how the document is related to Budapest. The records are searchable through the archival filing system.