If the person you look for lived in the current territory of Budapest, the study of the following collections is recommended:

– tallies of parish registers (divided by regions; no index). The researchability of the parish registers created by the state was modified on 1 July 2014. Thus, it is advisable to consult with the staff members of the Research Enquiry on the range of researchable parish registers before starting the research

– judicial documents

– school registers

– property registers, designs

– general administrative documents (documents of the predecessors of the current local governments)

– company documents (created by firms)

– electoral rolls . If you know the contemporary address of the studied person, you can get find more personal data. The electoral rolls provide information for the researchers about the period 1935−1954.

– industry registers (guilds, prefectural and municipal industry registers, documents of guilds).

For further details please go to the Digital Archives Portal.