The designs created before 1873 as well as the plans of Miklós Ybl are researchable in digitalized form partly online, partly through the computers of the BCA’s research room.

–           Those documents and designs concerned with the building permits which were created before 1873 can be researched by the current topographical number. You can learn through the search the Detailed Search of the Digital Archives Portal, using the „Actual topographical number” detail whether the BCA keeps any design or document regarding the building existed or still existing in the territory of the given topographical number. If the BCA possesses the said documents, you can study them in the research room.

–           If you know the address (name of the street and house number) of the given building you can find it in the Detailed Search by the „Geographical location (address)” detail

–           The documents concerned with the Engineering or Building Departments of the local governments of the districts – formerly the councils – are researchable as well. Regarding one part of the documents we have registers of the pieces. In case of the others, you can research them with the assistance of the original indexes, if you know roughly the date of the permission. Regarding the districts, the technical documents taken by the BCA covers different periods. The Research Enquiry can give information about which districts gave documents from which period to the Archives. The range of these documents permanently widens.