Till 30 September 1895 only the churches performed registering (in case of christening, wedding and death). Among these only the data of those parts of Budapest which belonged to the city before 1950 are available through the computers of the research room in microfilms or digitalized form in different quantity depending on the given place or denomination. The archival reference of the microfilms: XV.20.2.

These microfilms and those which include the church parish registers of the settlements annexed to Budapest in 1950 can be found in the Lángliliom Street Department of The Hungarian National Archives National Archives of Hungary. – Follow this link

–           It is worth to note that the fragments of church parishes of the settlements belonged to Budapest before 1950 (for example: Rákoscsaba, Kispest, Újpest) are kept in our Archives as well under the reference XXXIII.5. You can find the related repository guide here.

–           The Archives keeps the tallies (created between 1 October 1895 and 31 December 1980) belonging to the state parish registers of the city’s whole current territory (christenings, marriages and burials). Their archival reference: XXXIII.1.a (volume). Almost the whole collection of the parish registers is available in microfilms and in digitalized form. The so called Parish Register Act was amended on 1 July 2014 which crucially modified the frame of the research. Following the amendment our Archives changed the possibilities of researching these documents. The instruction of the Director-General regarding this issue can be read here.

Warning: the administrative districts and the divisions of the parish registers frequently differed from each other!