Collections of land registers

Physical ReferenceMicrofilm Reference*TitleDate
XV.37.aXV.20.52Land Register files of Buda1854-1921
XV.37.d Land Register Files of Buda (DJP Series)1921-1949
XV.37.bXV.20.53Land Register Files of Óbuda1854-1921
XV.37.c Land Register Files of Pest1878-1926
XV.37.d (Land Registration Documents of Rákospalota)1885-1934
XV.37.d (Land Register Files of Újpest)1883-1950
XV.37.d Land Register Files of Budapest(1883)1921-1972
XV.37.e Land Certificates of the Properties of Budapest1971-
XV.37.f Documents of Land Registration of Budapest** 1961-1972

Researchable only in microfilm!

**  The documents – because of the included personal data – can be viewed only if you have proper right of access. The documents of the land registration of Budapest created before 1961 can’t be found in the Archives, neither in the competent land registry offices. The documents of the land registration created since 1972 are kept by the land registry offices.

*** The land certificates held in the Archives are closed, the recording in them finished. In order to get a certificate of the valid land registration you still need to ask the competent land registration office.

The digital copy of the closed land certifications in paper which were given to the Archives – except the documents of the Districts V and XIV – are available in the Land Registration Office. Thus, in case of certifying the status of land registration since 1973 you still need to ask the competent land registration offices. The deeds of foundations of condominiums are remained in the land registration offices.

The listed ones are only the most researched series of land registers. We have such a registers regarding Pest and Buda from the end of the 1680s as well. The experts can give you further information about these early series.