11-12 May 2022

The fourth – final – workshop of the V4 project was held in Warsaw, Poland.

Besides visiting the University Library, and its storage rooms to learn about the storing conditions e.g.: temperature and Relative Humidity control systems, the project members discussed conservation questions with the staff of the Preservation Department of the Library.

Another visit was organised to the Central Archives of Historical Records, where, with the Head of the Department, they discussed the difficulties and challenges conservators and restorers face during their work of preserving archival documents that are often unique and have great cultural and historical values and the importance of getting acquainted with the latest technological developments that can aid preservation professionals in their daily work.

During the workshop meetings, the project partners mainly dealt with the general structure and content of the Emergency Protocol and the possible pitfalls that should be avoided e.g.: it should be noted at the beginning of the text that every institution that would like to establish its Emergency Protocol based on this manual should first consult its national regulations, standards, possibilities, and financial resources before focusing on the concrete questions of emergency situations discussed in the common V4 Emergency Protocol.