The archival documents are available only after registration.

Those who are not Hungarian citizens can do research in the Archives as well, in case they approve and observe the operative laws regarding the protection and management of data.

The scholarly study of archival materials including personal data can be permitted for researchers from countries which provide appropriate protection of data even before the termination of the time of protection defined by paragraph 24 (1) of the law regulating the operation of the archives (in English), on condition of the termination of 30 or 15 years defined by the paragraph 22 (1). The research can be permitted if the researcher submits the support statement created (in line with the detailed research plan) by the committee or institution of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences competent in the given research subject. Furthermore, the researchers are required to assume by written declaration the handling and usage of the studied and collected personal data according to their countries’ privacy regulations. Even in this case they can get the documents without anonymization, if the laws of their countries protect the privacy in the same way and extent as the Hungarian and the international regulations.